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11, May 2022

Marco Leo

Vice President of Product and Technology Innovation di Liferay

Marco Leo leads Liferay Commerce with 13 years of experience in developing B2B / B2C and CRM solutions. The ability to associate and apply technology to these complex use cases has enabled the development of the Commerce solution starting in 2017.

Matteo Pavan

Digital Transformation Consultant in SMC

At SMC, he is a Digital Transformation Consultant and usually advises on digital transformation projects in the field of CRM, Commerce and Marketing Automation. He has always had a passion for technology and digital culture and tries to bring enthusiasm on these issues in all contexts with which he comes into contact.

Paolo Maselli

Project and Account Manager in SMC

Paolo has extensive experience as a Manager and Technical Director in a number of companies including SolidWorld (SMC Group companies) and now as a Project and Account Manager in SMC. Expert in human resource management and development with particular expertise in the field of Information Technology. Passion for innovative technology and human factor iteration. Focus on CAD/PLM, software integration and architecture..

Rocco Germinario

Senior Software Architect in SMC

As well as being Senior Software Architect, Rocco is a certified Liferay lecturer and part of the SMC research and development team with a focus on Machine Learning, Big Data and streaming processing with Kafka. It can boast years of experience on the platform thanks to numerous projects and the development of new features and integrations with external systems. He also worked on mobile app development and implementation with Liferay.

Enrico Bortolan

Project Manager and Senior Consultant in SMC

Enrico Bortolan is Project Manager and Senior Consultant for Liferay projects at SMC Treviso. In SMC since 1999, Enrico has worked on management solutions, gaining a strong experience in the field of distribution companies. Since 2009, he has been supporting customers in designing portals based on Liferay, supporting the processes of analysis, design and implementation of solutions. Since 2016 he has also been Product Manager of the Open Square Spaces collaboration solution, based on Liferay technology and integrated with other Open Source applications such as OnlyOffice, Rocket.Chat and Jitsi.

Antonio Conti

Digital Marketing Manager in Seacom

Antonio is responsible for the Digital Marketing area of Seacom srl. Active in the IT area and particularly linked to the Open Source world, he applies the principles of Data Driven Marketing to elaborate high level contents and plan efficient strategies. 
He is also part of the Operational Marketing team of RIOS, Italian Open Source Network.

Chiara Tufano

Marketing Automation Specialist in SMC

In SMC she is dealing with Marketing Automation Specialist and Information Architect. She assists customers in the redesign of digital channels in order to optimize the relationship and communicative effectiveness towards customers, partners and stakeholders throughout all phases of the customer journey.

Giulio Pellizzato

Digital UI/UX Designer in SMC

After working as a Graphic Designer, he made his first steps in SMC in the Marketing team and then joined the Digital team full time. It stands as a link between creative design and web development of the engineering matrix. The main objectives of his work are to improve the daily operation of customers through the design of functional application interfaces and their online communication by packaging experiences that guide the end-user to fruition and the complete discovery of the brand.

Daniele Caldarini

Data Scientist in SMC

Graduated in Computer Science, he specialized in Data Science and Machine Learning and Big Data. He currently works as a Data Scientist and Researcher at SMC for 3 years, with the aim of creating new modern solutions through the use of Machine Learning and AI techniques.

Domenico Costa

Senior Lead Software Engineer in SMC

In SMC since 2015 as Senior Software Developer now technical reference of the online collaboration product based on the Liferay platform "OpenSquare-Spaces". He supports central public administration customers and system integrators in collaboration projects and within Research and Development he deals with integrations with products such as OnlyOffice, RocketChat and Jitsi.

Antonio Musarra

Senior Software Architect in SMC

At SMC, he is Senior Software Architect and advises on projects related to the Liferay platform and specifically on integration issues with other systems. He believes in sharing knowledge as a means for personal growth and for this reason, about eight years ago, he opened a personal blog: by Antonio Musarra and he is also active as "Technical Blogger" of the SMC TechBlog: In 2015 he published on Amazon his first eBook "Liferay Development with Maven" and in 2018 he published his second eBook "Liferay Portal Security Audit".

Solution Engineer in Rocket.Chat

Bert is an open source enthusiast that likes to work with a customer to understand their needs. He uses his technical background and his functional experience to deliver product value to address these needs.

Head of Community in Rocket.Chat

An entrepreneur since 2010, helping to align developers with surrounding communities. Building bridges and integrations between different communities from open source to cooking.